Opie goes outside

Opie goes outside, when we have time, and it is a beautiful day! Opie loves to go outside. Like all cats, she loves to eat the grass, which she cannot get inside the house. The sun was so bright that I could not see the image on the camera screen, so I took photographs blindly.

Opie the cat by picnic table

What is over there?

More photographs follow.

Opie eating grass

Grass tastes good!

Opie under tree

Opie by flower pot

Opie the cat

Where are my ears?

Opie stalking


Opie the cat


  1. You leave out the best reality part: Opie comes inside after a good day out. Then Opie walks over to the Oriental rug we got on our Turkey trip and begins to barf up all the grass and detritus he ate outside. After one barf with grass, another two or three gags and barfs of nothing, Opie turns and looks at us. “What’s the problem?” he asks. “Thanks for letting me go outside. I needed that.” Tail up in happy mode, Opie walks away…. Such memories I have of six cats, for some forty years all told. Great pictures.

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    1. I have a rug I brought back from Turkey as well back in the 80’s. It had it’s share of cleanings. If Opie threw up anything, I haven’t found it yet! The best photos come when you cannot see your viewfinder image! It removes arbitrary human judgment.

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