Zeke and Armed Forces Day

Today is Armed Forces Day. The holiday was created in 1949 by President Truman to celebrate the patriots in the armed forces. Today I decided to show a vintage F86D “Sabre Dog”. I took the photograph at the JBLM (McChord) Air Museum. Something about this picture does not look right. Anyway, The Sabre Dog first flew in 1952 and could go as fast as 700 miles per hour. It carried no guns. It had four missiles inside an internal weapons bay. It was an interceptor designed to shoot down bombers.


F86D Sabre Dog 317th FIS

This sabre dog is painted in the 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron colors, which all of their airplanes had.

window scene

JBLM (McChord) Air Museum scene

The 317th had an insignia of a red tail and sometimes a red lightning bolt. The squadron patch shown above is a red lightning bolt coming out of black rain clouds. The squadron was created in 1942 and inactivated in 1969. (I was in the 318th Fighter Interceptor Squadron)

Zeke on jet tail

317th FIS

Wait a minute! Zeke is trying to get in on the act! “Who ever heard of a sabre dog?” he asks–sabre cats yes! He decided to help celebrating today and got into the spirit of the day. Happy Armed Forces Day!




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