Happy Birthday Zeke!


I cannot believe the little fluff ball is 6 years old! He never seemed to mature from a kitten mentally, as you can probably tell from the photos of him that are published here. He was born of two feral Maine Coons. He took up residence in a flower pot on a neighbor’s front porch. His original name was “Mop”. They did not want him. I did not want a sixth cat either at the time, but I took him anyway. He was so cute and small. “I won’t take up much room,” he said. I am glad I took him in. Now he is the male of the household of 3 cats. We have made an adjustment to his birthday using astrology, and now fix it on July 8. Following are some older photos of him most of which I do not think have been shown:

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100_3952 c wp

100_4007 c wp

100_4067-1 c wp


Di_gitalCats2010_011 c wp

Di_gitalCats2010_012 c wp


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