Cat blitz week / day 1

I decided to begin my first “cat blitz week” starting today. One cat photograph will be posted each weekday beginning today for this week only. It will be like “wordless Wednesday” only held on every day. On Saturday I will do my “normal” blog post. If it goes over well, I may do it again. Let us begin with Marigold, one of my cats.

Marigold and crackers

What do Keebler elves taste like?




  1. I predict she will tear the elf to shreds to find out–meanwhile licking all the salt off the lovely crackers, maybe having a gnaw or two off each one, leaving them useless for human consumption! So what else is new? Get him, Marigold!


      1. You have a vivid imagination. She never got to even open the package. I have healthy, natural cat treats which are popular with all the cats. If she got into any peanut butter, it was not while I was watching. She was a stray picked up in the city of Tacoma, so she is streetwise when it comes to scrounging food.


          1. She was one of 300 animals who were overflow at our local “kill” shelter, which was having an adoptathon to try to get rid of some. I went down there with my cat carrier determined not to come home empty handed. I got there early and grabbed Marigold.


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