Marigold and Me

One of the problems I have is that my big old computer desk, which is a real dinosaur, sits next to a window.  The windowsill is very popular with all the cats here.  To get up there, first they jump upon my desk, and then walk over the keyboard, and finally climb up onto the windowsill.  

cat on the windowsill

Think I will jump down again.l

It can be a real railroad track of cats.  Of course, they always want to stop directly in front of the monitor on their journey!

cat in front of the computer

What are you looking at?

 Sometimes my patience runs out, and I just have to move them myself!

photo removed sign

Me & Marigold

P.S. I changed my name: I am now “the blogger formerly known as greg1948” or “greg-in-washington”. Also the president of China actually visited here this week! We were expecting a knock on the door but it never came. Zeke is making a protest flag!



  1. That sounds oh so familiar. Mine don’t need to walk across my desk to get to a window. They walk across it, sit in front of the keyboard, and if I don’t pay attention to them, they’ll stretch in front of the keyboard. One of my coon cats is presently sleeping on the same mail that I fished out of the trash a few hours ago when his brother knock it into the circular file. 🙂


  2. Hola Greg,

    Gismo almost used to do the same thing. In front of my desk a chair with a blanket on he loves to come up the desk and to walk left and right….must be for him his catwalk *gg*

    Thanks for sharing this moments and also for the pic of you with Marigold. Now I have a face before my eyes when I am writing .

    Wishing you a beautiful sunday I am sending sunny Tenerifegreetings


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  3. Marigold is absolutely gorgeous reminds me off my Oscar and Aslan they were ginger twins Aslan passed away at 8 months old when he was getting his op Oscar lived with me for 15 years….

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  4. Spike does exactly the same especially when I’m sending you an email …..he walks over the keys as if to say mum i want your attention….

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  5. Lili used to do the same thing. She just thought my desk and computer were a great way to get to the bedroom window which she never seemed to understand she couldn’t see out of not because of her vision but because the crazy people who built this apartment complex changed out the glass for a couple of pieces of frosted plexi glass. It has absolutely no “R factor” so doesn’t keep in the heat or keep out the could so I have hung heavy drapes over it. Yes, it means it’s dark but with the “frosted” situation it doesn’t get much light anyway.
    Diavolo does not jump up on tables or counters. Someone at the beginning trained him very well. He even asked permission to join me on the chair or bed when he first came to live with me nearly a year ago now.
    Marigold just wants to keep you from spending too much time at the computer.
    That’s a lovely picture of the two of you.

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