Live from Washington

Live from Washington is as close to live as I can get today. From the car backseat I snapped this photo of Mt Rainier hidden by the clouds. It would make a nice Pacific NW header. Zeke is enjoying the moisture up his nose out in the catio between rainshowers.  Zeke, a Maine Coon, will frequently sit out there in the rain and come is soaking wet!  Notice the board behind him has been used as a scratching post, and will soon need replacement.


Mt Rainier obscured by clouds

Zeke in catio

Zeke in catio

PS: I no longer follow my Blogger friends on Google Friend Connect, but use other readers.


  1. Lieber Greg,
    ich habe einen Direktlink in meine Liste gemacht damit ich dich nicht verpasse.
    Ein wunderbares Bild auch wenn der Berg verdeckt ist.
    Zeke geniesst es natürlich draussen an der frischen Luft, was bedeutet es schon nass zu werden. 😉

    Liebe Grüsse
    Julia mit Fiona und Finn

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