Sunday Comic: The Cat Lady’s Walk is Disturbed

The comic “Cat Lady’s Walk is Disturbed” comes from my vintage German book “Germania Kalender 1916”. This post was previously published on my old Feline Cafe blog on Blogger several years ago. I used to do more old book stuff then. I am squinting my way through everyone’s blogs the past 10 days or so today, making a few comments–ignore my spelling. Comics and graphic novels are what I read these days as they are easier for me to read.

Cats lady

The Disturbed Walk of the Cat Lady I

cats and cat lady

The Disturbed Walk of the Cat Lady II

‘These books were published for German-Americans by George Brumder in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I also have “1913”. They were published annually from the 1880’s into the 1920’s, and have a characteristic red cover. (I have personally seen copies from the 1880’s into the 1920’s but whether they were published earlier or later, I do not know. During the First World War, the name was changed to “America Kalender.”) The books contain “almanac” data like tide tables and moon phases, photos, illustrations, current events, biographies, poems, jokes, short stories, as well as children’s stories. I might post more cat joke items as time goes by.’

Germania Kalender

Germania Kalender 1916


    1. Scooby will try to climb up me like a tree, if I am holding his food plate. His diet makes him go crazy when he gets to eat something. So far, he is doing well health-wise.


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