It’s October! Wake Up & Smell the Coffee!

Scooby coffeebar

Scooby in coffee bar

MORE photos follow:

cat toast

Time for some Hello Kitty cat toast as well!

I am ready for a long walk outside in my new coat!

Scooby in coat

Scooby in his new coat



      1. Poor kitty! We had a cat who was extremely ill. She came home but I had to use an IV to hydrate under the skin. We knew she was getting better when she batted away the needle.


  1. I don’t know what I like best Scooby in the coffee bar or Scooby in his new coat,I think Scooby in his new coat,he looks dapper and quite content with his new coat.I also love the Hello Kitty toast.🐱

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    1. Scooby is not supposed to be in the coffee bar. It took me a long time to find him hiding there. Once again, the coat is a ‘dog’ coat but it has to be in order to fit him. My old Hello Kitty toaster is still working. It is blogged here somewhere. Thanks for your comment.


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