Deer problems return

I had been spending a lot of time chasing the deer out of the backyard. It is the same animal family. I recognize them. The problem is not that they do anything bad out there, but that Scooby is terrified of them and is crazy for the next 24 hours. They have not been back for a while. Unfortunately he saw them before me, and crazy day begins. Here is a photo of three cats at the top of the stair looking down at a window with a deer view. Here is also a photo of the deer–again. It is 20 degrees C outside, and I decided to see if Scooby can “man up” and I shall not chase them away. He needs to get used to them. I shall see how it goes. A snowstorm is supposed to blow in tonight but we shall see.

three cats

Watching from above–Zeke Scooby Marigold. Opie watching from another window.


The usual suspects



  1. That’s a tough situation. Hopefully Scooby will become less fearful of the deer if he sees that the other cats aren’t freaked out by them. I wonder if you can bait the deer with some tasty apples or something that you could toss farther away from the house and the kitties’ line of sight (at least farther away from the big window).


  2. The deer look quiet comfortable there. We have used Feliway diffusers with good results (in fact, I have some on order now that we’ve added Lucy). Can you plug one in near the window area?


  3. I like deer, they are very pretty, but I feel bad for Scooby.He had a tough year health wise so I would scare the deer away. Do you ever use a Feliway spray ? Those help most cats stay calm.


  4. Aww poor Scooby he will be wondering what the giant animals are doing out there.I think it best you let him watch them so eventually he might realise there not coming in the house.Good luck anyway.🐈

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    1. As I write this now, they have moved on, looking for something to eat, I suspect. Scooby is not as bad as usual, but he is still checking all the windows to make certain they are gone. Wait–now they are back relaxing on my lawn. Where is Scooby I wonder?


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