Deer problem continued (2)

This post is about Scooby and the deer again.

Yesterday, described in the last post, Scooby saw the deer again. All day long he ran around the house from window to window. He would climb all over everything, knocking things down. He would pee in the house. He would not eat or sleep, until about 7 pm when he was tired out. Then he ate and fell asleep on the rug. Earlier, after reading some comments, I sprayed Feliway, which I forgot I had, all over the house. I tried using it before to calm him but it had little effect. I will try again today.


This morning I got up early, and
the deer were in the back again. Scooby had not gotten up yet, so I decided to go out and chase them away. I made a video with my old pocket camera, but WordPress Media said “MOV” files were not allowed to be uploaded, so that is the end of the video. It was bad and looked like one of those Sasquatch movies, to be truthful. I have posted a video before, but I must have used my iphone or something else. I will have to check on it. Anyway, he did not see them today but he is still lurking about this morning. I think it is residual behavior from yesterday.


Scooby Zeke

Scooby and Zeke (random photo)

The big deer is watching me look at her through the window. They always watch me watching them.

The “big” snowstorm predicted did not occur at least not in my neighborhood, which makes me happy. I shall research the “movie file” problem. We will hopefully return to normal programming next Wednesday.

Thanks to Marc’s comment, I remember how to do a video embed and now it is shown.



  1. I keep wondering why Scooby is scared,maybe he,s not used to anything in the yard it’s a shame he gets so stressed out,I mean you think he would learn from your other felines that they’re nothing to fear.I wonder how long they stay as you could take Scooby s mind off them by playing with him or give him a treat every time they appear.Do you get youtube as they have relaxing music on there for cats who are stressed.Hope you sort thing’s out.

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  2. Poor Scooby being so stressed by the deer, and poor you for having to clean up after him. Chasing the deer away is probably your best bet. Keep making it unpleasant for them to be in your yard. Do them make some type of Deer-B-Gone repellent that you can put out?

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