Scooby fashion: New sweater

Scooby got a new sweater with a snowman on it at Christmas past. He is modelling it for you today. It is not like one of those “ugly” Christmas sweaters. He only has it on in the house a few minutes so he does not get overheated. Scooby is my only short-hair cat. He is very good with clothing–but not so good with deer. We have had several deer visits over the holidays, and it makes him a very nervous boy. I wish he could get over it, or the deer would go somewhere else! Anyway, here he is in the new sweater.

Scooby cat

Scooby sweater

Scooby cat sweater

OK, I am done with this! Marigold says: I am not wearing that!

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  1. I just love Scooby,s sweater,I did notice the way Marigold was looking and think you’re right she’s not having anything to do with it.🐾🐾🐾

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