Snow days

In Snow days, the first wave of snow hit, I took the photos following, and yet more snow came since I took these photos. There was minor damage to trees and shrubbery, but nothing serious. Many thousands lost power, but I managed to hold on to most of mine, and the daily routine was normal, except for some snow shovelling. My cats did not get to go out in the snow. The catio is as close as they came to it. I think they prefer it that way. Scooby has made it clear that even if he is bundled up, he still hates having frozen feet. He needs booties like the Alaska sled dogs running the Iditarod dog sled race.  Seen in the previous post, Zeke likes the cold weather.  Where is Opie, you might ask?  Wanting none of this and in a very warm place.

scooby cat snow

Scooby watching the first flakes of the snow storm


Increasing snowfall

marigold cat catio

Marigold checking morning snow and weather the next day–long after Zeke’s earlier inspection (see previous post)

Marigold cat snow

Marigold checking out the backyard

tree snow

My poor Japanese maple. I beat it with my snowshovel and it popped back up to normal shape!

wedding cake

Wedding Cake. Looks tasty!


  1. Great snow pics, Greg! Got snow views from family in Redmond & Sammamish! Looked beautiful, however I know it caused havoc for many! Do not shovel! Wait for it to melt! ☃️ Christine

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  2. I had about a total of 8 inches of snow here a bit north of you. Diavolo loves going out but I think since he was out six hours yesterday morning that he stopped to visit one of his friends in the apartment complex here and they forgot he was there. He was hungry when he got home.
    I missed a major doctor appointment (Cyberknife treatment) yesterday as there was no way I was driving to downtown Seattle for a 7:15 am appointment in that weather. And I lost power for five hours. So glad I had turned up the heat about 3:30 am so it wasn’t quite as cold when it went out at 5:15 when the power clicked off.
    It’s supposed to melt by afternoon today when my next appointment is.

    Yes, Scooby has the right attitude.

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    1. Sorry about the appointment but you wouldn’t have made it. And maybe the doctor was not there! That would be a bummer! Diavolo was probably inside somewhere warm to be gone so long. My driveway needs shoveling but my shoveling days are about done, I do not want to be a statistic. I wait for melting and browse blogs today.

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      1. Very good idea. No, you don’t need to be a statistic. I don’t want to see your shoveling story on TV. And it would be. Your feline family needs you.
        The bad thing with early appointments is there is no way to call and let them know you aren’t coming. They called me at 8 and understood why I didn’t even try. We’ll just add an appointment on Thursday and that should be the end.

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          1. This treatment requires a certain progression…five total. So they need to work me in. It’s pin point radiation for the tumor in my hip. It seems to be working as I am nearly pain free.
            Yes, I’m sure we’ve heard the VA horror stories. Hopefully that’s improving.
            I remember when it was hard to get an appointment with my regular doctor but they have gotten better in recent years.

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  3. Glad your tree sprang to life again. I agree with Scooby don’t fancy wet cold frozen paws,boots are an idea best make them thermal lined and extra long as it looks pretty deep just now.

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