Playing with Dynamite!

Yes, you are at the right place!  Today we view a Scooby animation–playing with his catnip Dynamite!

Scooby catnip dynamite

Scooby playing with catnip Dynamite!

Scooby cat catnip

Scooby under the influence of catnip

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  1. Miaauh, say our cat and PurrrPurrr the other one…😽

    …indeed, we know the play of cats, Love this clip with the pretty red cat. And we know the way to the doctor with our cats. 🙀


    1. I would send you some, but when the postman asks, “What is in the package?”, if I say Dynamite!, they might call the cops. I also do not recommend the following: Do not send a child to school with it, unless you want him expelled; do not take it through Security Checkpoint at the airport; and definitely do not light the fuse and throw it at a policeman! It is good for home use ONLY!


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