First “Chewy” box

This post is about our first Chewy box.

I got a coupon in the snail mail for $15 off a Chewy order for first-time customers.  It was too good to pass up, as we were going to need food soon, and I was feeling lazy about going to the store to pick it all out.  Why not get it delivered at a discount, I thought.  Two days later a grumpy mailman dropped the box at my front door.  I managed to drag it inside, as I am getting weak!  Basically I just ordered the food they normally eat, and threw in a bonus catnip banana.  The box turned out to be fairly popular, but only if the catnip banana was inside it.

Marigold box catnip banana

Marigold and Chi-cat-a-banana

The catnip banana was called a “Chi-cat-a-banana” or chicatabanana. It is bigger than their newest catnip boomerang, and the same size as their catnip dynamite. Scooby and Marigold liked it. Opie was not so enthusiastic. Zeke hid under the bed from the mailman ringing the doorbell.

Marigold chewy box

Marigold settling down in box

Scooby Chi-cat-a-banana

Scooby enjoying the new Chi-cat-a-banana!

Scooby catnip banana

Why are my eyes glowing?

Opie Chi-cat-a-banana

Opie resting on Chi-cat-a-banana. She is not too affected by it.

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  1. a box AND a banana? how awesome! If you want, you should contact Natalie at Chewy to join their influencers program (influencers @


  2. Ich glaube man kann seinen Samtpfoten immer eine Freude mit einem Karton machen….mehr braucht es nicht. So zumindest bei Gismo; wobei so eine Banane mit Catnip würde er auch gerne mögen.

    Liebe Grüsse


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  3. guyz…chewy haz sum awesum stuffs !!! we R half N half heer bout whooz inta nip versus grass and itz de same with a box ( box day iz next monday bye de way 🙂 N zeke…dai$y wooda been with ya on that door bellz ring !! ♥♥

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  4. It’s odd how some cats go all out for catnip and others don’t care at all. One time my mother got some tomato plants from a produce stand. They had included some catnip by mistake. Our cat totally ignored it. The cat next door came over, rolled in it, and ate it to the roots.

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  5. Great to see them all enjoying the banana even if Opie wasn’t to fussed.Super photos purrfect size box.x🐾🐾🐾🐾😻💕

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    1. The cardboard delivery boxes seem to be famous on the net for cat occupation, so I thought I would try one out. The box was the primary thing I wanted. The food and toy were bonuses.


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