A day in the life / Updates

This post shows photos of daily life, and includes some updates of previous subjects.

zeke scooby marigold catio

Zeke Scooby Marigold in catio looking to eat grass. I have since cleared out the inside of weeds and grass.

Opie in bed

Opie rolls herself up in blanket in bed all by herself

Scooby on box

Scooby King of the Castle

Scooby Zeke

Scooby attacks Zeke

Scooby and Zeke playing



Morning Scooby walk


After two weeks the marijuana billboard is removed. It was replaced with an all new sign with no cat or cat references.



Update on the New Scooby Gang

Scooby wanted poster with lantern


The New Scooby Gang has been having trouble with Sheriff Spike and the Notorious Two. No fear. Wild Bill Scooby is not concerned about capture! Evading and fooling those two youngsters was easy!

Scoobys Hideout sign

cowboy cats in hats

The Notorious Two Ginger Kits

(photo credit Spike the Scottish Black Cat)

Odd and ends

scooby on box

Scooby says this box is too small! We want more stuff! Starting to get that Scooby catitude again!

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier from highway 512 going 60mph as a passenger.  I could do these every day but it is pretty off topic.  Warehouse in foreground. Heat has abated.

Finally, due to underwhelming demand, I added a few personal photos to my About page.

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  1. Lieber Greg,

    deine “über dich Seite” hab ich gelesen. Ich finde es toll, dass du dich mit Dingen ablenkst, die dich interessieren und gefallen und so deinem Leben Erfüllung schenkst.
    Es freut mich ebenfalls das es Scooby so gut bei dir und deinen Katzen geht. Er scheint so Lebensfreude zu haben. Schön.
    Toll auch deine Bilder von deinen Samtpfoten in ihrem Alltag.
    Der Mount Rainier sieht beeindrucken aus.

    Wünsche dir einen tollen Sommer mit vielen schönen Momenten.

    Julia mit Fiona und Finn

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  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaw You all look so adorable. What fun to have a catio. And, so full of green grass.l Well, least it was. MOL Dat sounds kind’a like a bummer to have all your grass removed. guess you’ll just have to get some new grass. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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