Happy Birthday Zeke (8)

Happy birthday Zeke! You are 8 today! You are an old senior cat but you do not seem like one of those old timers! We shall look back at a few of your old photos on your special day.  First, a few facts about you:

  1. Zeke is a Maine Coon
  2. He likes to be out in the catio many hours of the day, and especially the night, if I forget to close it.
  3. He likes to sit out in the catio in the rain and cold.
  4. He thinks he can go through the mirror to the other side.  He paws at mirrors vigourously.
  5. As far as nip is concerned, he can take it or leave it.
  6. He lives under the bed.
  7. He fears all strangers, and since he does not meet new people, everyone is a stranger.  He has rarely been seen by anyone else.  He can only be seen on this blog.  I tell people I have 3 cats not 4.  They will never see the fourth one anyway!
  8. He is not a fussy eater.
  9. He especially likes feather toys.
  10. He likes to run and wrestle with Scooby.
  11. Zeke enjoys watching animal YouTube videos with birds and squirrels.


Zeke on chair

Young Zeke


zeke in cat bed

Zeke cooling off his feet

zeke portrait

zeke sitting on plate

Zeke on a plate

zeke in box

Zeke in box

Opie and Zeke on cat tree

Opie and Zeke about to fight

Opie flees

Opie flees!

Zeke in catio

2 years old

Zeke thinking about his life

Zeke today thinking about his life

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  1. Happy birthday Zeke, what a pretty kitten you were! I’m allergic to cats but ADORE them so I have to get my cat-fixes from other people’s photos of their cats, and here I am. 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday! My late feral cat Pharoah was a hidey cat too. Friends were convinced he was a figment of my imagination as he was too afraid to make an appearance when anybody else was in the house!

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  3. dood !!!! sendin de best oh mice creem dishzez, happee day wizhez, N lotz oh best day fishez two ewe…N joy; eat lotz oh donutz N pizza piez, get in two trubull 🙂 & heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez & healtheez !!! ☺☺

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  4. Happy Purrday Zeke.You look so adorable as a kitten and nothing has changed your so gorgeous.Hope you enjoy your special day.x🎂🎆🎇🎉🎊💞😸💕 Spike sends you Purrday Wishes.🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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