Life in the catio then and now

This post is about life in the catio then and now.

THEN: I rummaged around my external hard drive, and pulled out some old catio pre-digital photographs. The catio photos are taken at my previous house, where I originally built the thing. Aside from a few repairs, it is still the same catio. The cats shown are Peep (Maine Coon), Data–long hair orange and white, and Verty–a tabby like Scooby. All crossed over the bridge quite a while back. They can be read about on my In Remembrance page. Interestingly enough in both locations, the catio faces East. My next door neighbors had cats, rabbits, and geese. When coyotes killed them all, I decided my cats were going to be indoor cats from then on. I could not bear losing them. And thus, the catio, or catrun, as I called it then was created.

me cats and catio

Old Polaroid of me and cats checking out the new catio for the first time 2001

The above featured photo is a polaroid from 2001, which I repost today as it is the only one I have like this.

house catio

Catio at the old house

catio cats

2001 Peep (above) and Data

catio cats

Peep and Data the cat 2003

catio cats

Data and Verty

catio cats

Peep, Data, Verty 2005

reassembling the catio

Reassembling the catio at our new home (repost)

NOW: Some things are not pictured. I cannot seem to get all four of them in there at the same time for a photo shoot! I missed photos of visiting cats sitting in the grass just outside the wire, being sociable. I missed both the finches Opie caught inside it. The birds must have had eyesight problems. There is also squirrel taunting, as the squirrels have learned the cats cannot get out and come after them! So, here are a few photos I have not posted before.

Opie catio


Scooby Zeke catio

Scooby and Zeke (below)

Opie Zeke catio

Opie and Zeke

Scooby catio


Marigold Scooby Zeke catio

Marigold Scooby Zeke

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    1. It is far superior to a windowsill. Past few days it has been closed due to hazardous air quality from wildfires, so they have been lounging around with depressed faces since they can’t go outside. This weekend should be good.

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    1. It has lasted well beyond expectations. When I moved, I thought I would leave it behind, but had second thoughts. I took it apart and moved it. The catio is still solid, though I have the occasional repair going on. thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow they all love their Catio.I worked out it would be 16 year old that’s definitely been a good build by you and most certainly appreciated.Love the photos of Data,Peep and Verty.I had to laugh when I saw Mr Scooby spread out enjoying his cat nap.He does look big and gorgeous in these photos.Wonder what is so interesting to them in the last photo.x🐾🐾🐾😻😸💕

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    1. The first thing they do when they go into the catio is take a good look at the woods in the back. They look for animals. That is what they are doing here, as they just went out. They see more than I do! 🙂


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