Opie Fireside Chat

Opie cat fireplace

Watch the ear!

It is me–Opie.  You don’t seem to see me around as much as some of the other cats. I won’t mention any names. In fact, most of you think I am a boy, when I am actually a girl!  It’s all because of that stupid boy living in Mayberry on TV.  How sad is that?  I used to be the boss around here before Scooby arrived.  You see that is because I am the smartest and the meanest.  I am still the smartest and the meanest.  The problem is Scooby just blunders about without any thought of others, and expects to get first dibs on everything!  When he wants something, he just complains until he gets it!

He thinks he is a dog!  He even wears dog clothes.  We all have seen them.  The rest of us have proper manners, and NONE of us wear dog clothes!   Next he will be thinking he can fight monsters and solve mysteries!  He watches too much television!  Scooby turns out to be allergic to fish, and gets big red scabs on his face and neck if he eats it.  So what happens?  No more food with fish in it FOR ANYBODY!  How fair is that?  Anyway, thankfully he is not allergic to turkey, as we are all looking forward to getting our share of the big bird on the upcoming holiday.  Next post you will get to see me in action putting Scooby in his place.  The problem is he is just too dumb to stay in it!  That’s all from me today.



  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Opie, you be lookin’ gawjus. Me totally unnerstands your plight. Raena doesn’t seem to unnerstand her place either. As fur dat fish, you’re better off without it. Enjoy dat turkey and maybe you can have a bite fur us too. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  2. We’re sorry that Scooby stole your thunder, but maybe there’s a positive side. The rest of you won’t have to wear dog clothes and outfits then!

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  3. We have a fireplace, but the humans never use it. Yours looks very cozy. It’s too bad that you don’t get to eat fish anymore, but it’s better to keep Scooby healthy. Maybe you can get some fish treats that are only for you.

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    1. We do make mistakes buying food and treats, That fine print is hard to read sometimes. When the red scabs appear, I know to start scrutinizing the fine print again–especially on any new product. Food is not thrown out, but given to the others until gone.


  4. Diavolo and I are delighted that Scooby is not allergic to turkey. We hope you get to eat lots. If there were some way to sneak fish to you we would but if you had ever had an allergic reaction to anything you would understand that it’s better not to take chances.
    Happy early Thanksgiving. Hope for lots of leftovers!

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  5. Well done Miss Opie sure have to keep the young ones in their place. So happy you will be getting Turkey….me-ow (enjoy). X 🐾🐾🐾😸

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