For more months than I can count, Crystal Stewart has been nominating me for all kinds of awards, etc., etc.  I do appreciate the thought. We don’t do awards ever, but I am giving in this one time for something called the TMI Tag–whatever that is!  This is it readers!  The one and only!  I won’t be nominating anyone. Also I am really doing this for someone else–I cannot say. . . .

01 What are you wearing? Jeans, flannel checked shirt
02 Ever been in love? Yes.

03 Ever have a terrible break-up? Yes.
04 Any Tattoos? No.
05 Any Piercings? No
06 Favorite Band? A lot but not fixed on any one
07 Something You Miss? Companionship
08 Favorite Song? I Have Grown Accustomed to her Face.
09 How Old Are You. 70+
10 Zodiac Sign? (Classified, and stupid!)
11 Quality You Look For In A Partner? Trust Kindness Loving Caring Likes Cats
12 Favorite Quote? If You Tell the Truth, You Don’t Have to Remember Anything (Mark Twain)
13 Favorite Colors? blue but taking a fancy to pink as well
14 Loud Music or Soft? soft
15 Where Do You Go When You’re Sad? No place to escape to
16 How Long Does It Take You To Shower? 5 minutes
17 How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning? 15 minutes
18 Ever Been In A Physical Fight? Never ever
19 Turn On? Love
20 Turn Off? Bigotry, Drunks
21 Fears? Lonliness
22 Last Thing That Made You Cry? an Email
23 Last Time You Said You Loved Someone? Today.
24 Meaning Behind Your Blog Name? Feline Cafe–feeding station for cats
25 Last Book You Read? Stories of Cats and the Lives they Touched
26 Last show you watched? Coronation Street
27 The Relationship Between You And The Person You Last Texted? Lovers
28 Favorite Food? Kelloggs Corn Flakes (keeps me alive!)
29 Places You Want To Visit? Scotland again
30 Favorite Flavor Of Sweet? Dark chocolate
31 What Instruments Do You Play? Clarinet, Harmonica
32 Favorite Piece Of Jewelry? Class ring
33 Last Sport You Played? None
34 Last Song You Sang? I Have Grown Accustomed to Her Face
35 Favorite Chat Up Line?  (very old not used anymore) Don’t I know you from somewhere? You remind me of _______
36 Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone? Not hangin’
37 What’s Your Favorite Drink? Coffee regular black no sugar– not fancy kinds. Need it to get through the day
38 How Tall Are You? Average height
39 Have You Been Betrayed By Someone You Care About? Once–no second chances
40 What is your favorite pie?  Apple
41 What was the last thing that made you laugh? Comedy TV show “The Mick”
42 Mention A Movie That Always Makes You Cry? (Cry with Laughter: “Catch 22”)

43 Favorite job? avionics jet mechanic
44 How would you describe your body type?  Handsome and very fit



  1. Fur some reason uncle Greg we were sure you were married.? We’re glad we could learn more ’bout ya’, but you seem a little sad. So, we’re sendin’ big hugs and lots of kitty kisses to cheer you up.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  2. I’m glad you done this as now I know more than what you’ve already told me. Ha ha pleased to see you’re beginning to like pink my favourite colour. You’re definitely very handsome and fit. xxxx

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  3. guyz….sew….if yur dad getted hiz own plane… N him fixed it like it shuld bee for flite N all…. him could fliez two scotland…. N az him waz passin over de big pond…. he could yell out; hay all ewe fish in de ocean; wavez frum da tabbies….rite !! ?? 🙂 ♥♥

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  4. It might be TMI but now you are more human because more or less you let your guard down and in a good way. I think you are happy man at least I think you are. Maybe a bit cynical but I could be way off about that. 🙂

    I have had awards offered too but turned them down years ago. Just do not believe in them but yours was good because it told your followers a bit of who you are.

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  5. You are a very interesting fellow. I may never grow accustomed to your face, though, since chances are we’ll never meet. I don’t like nominations, either. If I get more than one, they’re just so darn hard to keep track of. – Tom

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    1. Thanks Caren,
      I dropped and added a few of my own questions. Mine are easy to pick out! Time on my hands today. Glad you liked it. The problem with awards is it is always the same questions over and over again. I hate the idea of nominations.

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