This post is about the two pals.

When I got Zeke, he had two big male pals to play with.  One was Verty a big tabbly like Scooby.  The other was Peep who was a big Maine Coon.  In 2010 Verty died, and then in 2013 Peep died, so Zeke had no males to play with until October of 2015, when I adopted Scooby.  I believed a big tabby cat would be right as a playmate for Zeke.  I prefered to remain at a 3 cat household, but Zeke needed someone to play with, and the two girls were not interested, so Scooby came home.  They prefer each others company, as is shown today in a few photographs.

Zeke Scooby

Checking out the street

Zeke Scooby fighting

Kung fu fighting!

Scooby Zeke

Me and my shadow

Scooby Zeke

A nip nana rest

Scooby bites Zeke

Bite my ear! I don’t mind!

Scooby Zeke on cat tree

I’ve grown accustomed to your face

Scooby Zeke in catio

Chillaxing together in the catio

Zeke Scooby sleeping

Tuckered out




  1. P.S. How do your cats come and go from the house to the catto? Last night I was reading about a man who was convicted of witchcraft, the evidence being gained by spying on him through his cat door. I had no idea how long ago cat doors and dog doors were invented, but it seems to have been WAY back. When out last dog died, and we went to only having cats, I put a window in what what had been our dog door. We got our first cat seven years ago, and are now up to four, and we plan to stand firm at getting no more cats.

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    1. The catio is placed up against the outside of the house in front of a window. Open the window, and they can go in and out. Someone would have to be INSIDE the catio to spy through the window and watch my secret rituals–primarily bathing! Good luck at standing firm on the number of cats you own. Never worked for me!


  2. That’s great that you considered Zeke’s need for a playmate before your own preferences. I wanted to stay at two cats but when I adopted Freddie after Friday passed, Pharaoh wanted nothing to do with him. So back to the shelter and I adopted Frankie. Best decision I could have made (other than Frankie being a monster) because Pharoah passed away and now the two Fs have each other as playmates.

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  3. Every person and an animals as well needs a friend. It is good that you had the insight to get a playmate for Zeke. The two cats seem right for each other and look well suited in size. They seem to be very happy cats. In one photo, the classic tabby pattern on Scooby looks like an X that shows on his back right side. Don’t know if it is always there or if that was a rare occurrence that presented itself in that particular photo. Loved all the pics.

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    1. Scooby has the classic tabby marks. Since one of Zeke’s early friends in life was a tabby, I thought another one would be a good choice. Finding a big one his age in the shelter took a long time. They are similar in size as well.

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  4. It’s important to have someone to pal around with. To play with. To fight with. To sleep with. Anything so they don’t have to hang with the gals.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peeps. ♥

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  5. Kitty pals! Sweet! Taking on a fourth cat (even if he’s a “Scooby”) takes a lot of commitment. My two are a handful, your three would have been a lot, yet four staggers the imagination! It looks like you made the right choice, though, yet choosing the right cat for the job clearly is the biggest challenge.

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      1. That is a relief when you get you kitties “fixed up”! The kitty boys both had a parasite they caught by eating an infected grasshopper. That took so time to take care of once I adopted them – and about $1400 in veterinarian bills!

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