Scooby the gamer

Scooby is attracted to any game or puzzle. He is a player.  He wins a lot of these games.  I think he cheats when I am not looking!

Scooby game

Scooby stakes out his martian territory in Mission Red Planet

scooby game

Scooby checking out his options in Mystic Vale

Scooby chess

Scooby the chessmaster playing with Napoleonic chess set.  What will his next move be?



  1. How fun. Scooby is a very handsome cat too. I loved your comment on my Thankful Thursday post. Finding love again is most wonderful. I’m very happy for you.

    Have a purrfect day Scooby. My best to your peeps. 🙂

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  2. Uhm – I love board games – too bad I live in Germany – and shipping would be far too expensive for the board games. Prices for parcels are forbidding! Otherwise I would send you the money for the postage … Maybe you can donate them to a library?

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      1. It’s pretty neat, the app I have is called The Original Jigsaw Puzzle by Mobility Ware. There are others like it. You drag the pieces around the screen, and can pick how many pieces you want the puzzles to be. You do have to zoom in a bit to see it though. But the good thing is you can’t lose any pieces on the floor and the cat can’t come sit on top of everything 😀🐱🐼

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    1. In uni I played chess with my friends. Someone, can’t remember, gave me this plastic chess set way back then. Really I hardly ever used it. I just dragged it around for years and years. It is just a prop for this photo I will admit to you. I knew Scooby would be drawn to it. The photo works, (You know me and truth, Christine!) The other obscure games shown were excess stock from a game store and my daughter brought me a closet full to store away. I want to get rid of the whole lot as all they do is take up space! No one looks at them. No wonder they were given away free, So, that is behind the story of this post, Thanks for making a comment here, xxx

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