Weekend Selfie (Scooby and Marigold) / Personal Thoughts (Edited)

Today we have the weekend selfie Scooby and Marigold. I also post some personal thoughts.

Marigold will be 15 next month. Rescued her at 4 years.  Scooby is 8 rescued at 5 I think.  These two-male and female-get along well.  They don’t play together, but they do not fight or antagonize each other.  They are comfortable in each others company. There is an old silver metal Rayovac flash light on the table.  I keep it handy as Scooby likes to chase the light beam when I shine it on the floor.

Scooby Marigold

Scooby and Marigold


I welcome all my new followers.  I appreciate them all.  I don’t know where they are coming from or frankly why, especially since most are not cat bloggers, but they are welcome.  I hope I don’t disappoint.

I also thank and appreciate all of my old followers more than you know.  Some even followed my previous Feline Café Blogger blog and survived the switch and have  been following for years.

I also appreciate all the web surfers who ride in on a wave, have a look around, and ride out.

Last but definitely not least, I have one follower who goes back even farther than anyone to the very beginning of my blogging days, whom I appreciate more than words can say. She means the world to me.  She knows who she is.

So I wish all of you wherever you are a weekend of happiness however you define happiness for yourselves!

With all sincerity from Greg at the Feline Café.







  1. It’s wonderful when kitties cohabitate peacefully. I’ve been pretty fortunate in that regard. Scooby and Marigold make a beautiful photo combination with their similar colors but different fur textures. .

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    1. Totally different cat breeds they are. Marigold is the longest term inhabitant here as well. She gets along with everyone but does not take any sass from anyone. Scooby the tabby is very laid back as well. These two will sleep next to either peacefully. Thanks for your comment.


  2. the cats are gorgeous! I envy you. I’d wish Midnight and Pinkie would be comfortable in each other’s company. sighs. They tend to stay on opposite ends of the house.

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  3. Queen Daisy Mae and I have been following since 2017. Not sure of Exact date but I think it was early 2017.January maybe. Scooby and Marigold look good together. Glad they get along. They look so much alike. We love your cat blog.

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  4. Scooby and Marigold,
    Is that a coffee thermos on the table? Looks like you guys might be enjoying Caturday morning cartoons with a little java. Beautiful pic!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    The Tribe of Five

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    1. Obviously are you kidding?!! Yes, she is folks! Caren, you are definitely a loyal old time follower, and I appreciate that. I do follow your blogs on Bloglovin and enjoy them both.


  5. What a delight today’s selfies are! Of course (smoke Persian kitty boys excepted) ginger tabby cats are my favorite kitties! I haven’t found anything that supports my belief that ginger tabbies are somehow friendlier, nicer kitties than all others, but that definitely has been my experience of over the years. Like yours, my ginger tabby was a rescue kitty of 5 when I got him, and he still is the best kitty I ever had. I still feel sad each August 1st, the date he died on in 2011.

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      1. What a true statement that is. It goes for dogs in my life, too. As sad as their passing is, the joy and companionship they bring into our lives makes it worth the grief.

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