Angel on my Shoulder (Father’s Day Holiday Weekend)

The Father’s Day Holiday Weekend Selfie is Angel on my Shoulder.  Looks a whole lot like a tiny Opie!  I wonder what she is whispering into my ear? Happy Father’s Day maybe?

Greg selfie little Opie

Opie on my shoulder

Scooby Opie

Scooby and Opie

Maybe I will see if I can get you outside some too, Opie, if you behave nicely.


  1. It’s always tempting to comply with your comment prompt suggestion and just say ‘meow’ but… for now I won’t! 😉 I’m astonished that you managed to get one of your cats into a harness and lead… (I presume that’s what it is, not just a big ribbon?) For a while I had a siamese kitten and had hoped that I might be able to walk it on a lead, but I still had allergies at the time and had to give it back to its previous owner.

    Nice to see what you look like, Greg. 🙂 (I was beginning to wonder if you had whiskers and a tail and were hiding amongst all your cat pics…!)


    1. Thanks for the comment Val. Scooby the cat must have been trained by a previous owner. He came from the shelter that way. First time I got the harness out he just stood still and purred and purred til he was fitted up. He knew what it was! I did nothing. I quit “hiding” a while back. I decided to “humanize” the blog so people would not have to imagine who was writing it. Things picked up a lot since I did that. No one has ever just said “Meow”!

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  2. Oh…it was father’s day at your place…few weeks later as here. So I hope you had a beautiful day.

    Maybe you will tell us what Opie was wispering 😉

    Wishing you all a beautiful sunday I am sending greetings over to your place



  3. Very nice pic of you. I had to look for a bit to find the cat on your shoulder. I well imagine that Opie is your favorite cat. After he is a vey handsome classic tabby that you can walk o a leash. I
    d give anything to have one that walked on a leash buy alas I never had but a few cats that I got as kittens. I tried to leash train older cats but I did not have the patience for it since I was working full time. Happy Father’s Day to you.


    1. Thanks Yvonne. I had years ago another orange male tabby and he was easily trained here to use the leash. I am wondering if it is a tabby cats personality that is different from the other breeds which made them take to the leash. The other cats just fight to get the harness off.

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    1. I was going to do a selfie and I saw her over my shoulder, so I moved around to capture it. Trout is what Opie gets fed a lot of these days. I get no complaints. Thanks for your visit and comment, Mia. Wishing you a rewarding weekend as well!

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    1. Thank you! There are a number of very good reasons I disposed of the “Like” button, which I cannot get into here, but I am glad they are gone. For one, my ego outgrew the need for them! Also I am following you on “Bloglovin” where I follow everyone.


  4. That’s so nice and I think Opie will be wishing you a Happy Fathers Day..Certainly looks like Opie wants to come outside too. Wishing you a very happy


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