Scooby asks if it is still Monday?

Scooby bag

Is Monday over yet?

Scooby bag cat

Why didn’t you warn me?

We are participating in Comedy-Plus Awww Mondays


  1. Still have lots of Monday to go. That’s a good thing here since my people have Monday off and I get lots of open window time and attention. If your Dad is retired, does Monday still feel like Monday?


  2. Sorry Scooby, it is still here. I hope your Dad had a nice Father’s Day with lots of purrs from all of you.


  3. Well I’m afraid so, Scooby. Frankly I am not fond of Monday and I have no idea why. Maybe because it means that I must shift into a higher gear and get some things done. Week-ends are pretty much do nothing days but for cats. But Mondays, well I reckon that maybe they sense their owners or moving around a bit more frantically trying to do things that were put off due to pure laziness. Note, that I am only speaking for myself. 🙂


    1. For you Christine, yes it is almost over, but for us, it has hardly started! 90 degrees forecast and no air conditioning here. Lots of hiding in the shadows time! Better get back in the bag! xxx


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