Scooby asks if it is still Monday?

Scooby bag

Is Monday over yet?

Scooby bag cat

Why didn’t you warn me?

We are participating in Comedy-Plus Awww Mondays


  1. Still have lots of Monday to go. That’s a good thing here since my people have Monday off and I get lots of open window time and attention. If your Dad is retired, does Monday still feel like Monday?


  2. Well I’m afraid so, Scooby. Frankly I am not fond of Monday and I have no idea why. Maybe because it means that I must shift into a higher gear and get some things done. Week-ends are pretty much do nothing days but for cats. But Mondays, well I reckon that maybe they sense their owners or moving around a bit more frantically trying to do things that were put off due to pure laziness. Note, that I am only speaking for myself. 🙂


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