Out of the Bag!

Monday is over so Scooby is Out of the Bag! He thought it best to hide most of Monday.  That was a smart thing as it was 90 degrees, and our house sits open  out in the sun and we have no air conditioning.   Greg is a bit ill today but nothing serious, so that is why we have a new post today.  He went out and stupidly got a touch of heatstroke.  Fortunately the buzzards didn’t get him.

Tuesday is shaping up to be a fine sunny day.  Scooby is showing off his reserve cat toy stash.  Lots of very old ones in the old Easter basket. There seem to be cat toys strewn about every room on the floor with an average spacing of no more than three feet apart.  In the morning, they all appear in different places!  So have a good week as the worst day is past us I hope for all!

Scooby cat toys

My reserve toy stash!

Today we play Comedy Plus Tuesday Fun



  1. I stay inside during hot weather, one of the nice things about being retired. I used to work in a factory where inside temperatures in some of the areas exceeded 100. My office was air conditioned, with some of the people in the office thinking high 60s was the appropriate setting. I used to hate summers because my work took me inside the office and out on the factory floor, so I constantly suffered heat stress. I never acclimated to one extreme of the other. I hope you are doing better today!


      1. That’s good. My preference is rain and cool over baked in heat any day. I had basic training at Ft. Lewis, Washington during December-January of 1969=1970. The sun came out for a few seconds, once, the whole time I was there. The rest of the time it was overcast and/or raining. For me, that made basic training acceptable. I never overheated!

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          1. Same place, I’m guessing. There’s drainage through the middle of town, and it gets pretty high when there’s heavy rain. I live in the highest elevation in town +/- less than a foot, so miss out on the occasional flood. On the other hand, thing=derstorms here seem more extreme than before, with more seriously huge hail. Denver and the surrounding area gets hailstorms so severe, they have to bring out snow removal equipment to handle the drifts of hail. I am inclined to believe global warming is a serious matter, regardless of cause. I’m inclined to believe current science. Even if it were cyclical, that is “normal climate variation”, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to live on a coast or an island barely poking out of the ocean!


              1. I’m pretty much at 3967 feet above sea level. I suspect any rise in the oceans that reached that point would pretty much signal the end of most of humanity! Of course, at one point, this part of the US was part of the great inland sea. That was before the formation of the Rocky Mountains, if I recall my geology.


  2. It would be to hot in the bag…as I read that’s so hot over at your place. So it’s always better to stay inside the house, also for the cats.

    Gismo loves the sun too, up in his loggia, but when to warm he loves to stay downstairs in the living room.

    Wishing you a beautiful day I am sending greetings



  3. Awww. Greg! Summer is upon us! Stay cool! Scooby is a beauty and a charmer. Charley has three favorite doggie toys lined up in the living room. Sammy could care less about toys. I think cats are more playful. Christine


  4. dood….we iz glad yur outta de bag…it wooda been hard ta eat yur food a bullz otherwize !!

    N we hope dadz doin better….heet strokez noe joke…him kneadz ta chillax two day & take it eazee N due knot go out with outz a hatz N sum h2o….

    🙂 ♥♥


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