Mountain Monday and Zzzzzzz

This post is about Mountain Monday and Zzzzzzz.  (This is NOT the same photo as last week!   Different day–different photo!)  Scooby needs a wakeup call!

mt rainier WA

Mt Rainier WA

Scooby cat sleeping

Wake up, Scooby! It’s Monday morning! Time for Breakfast!

Today we join Comedy-Plus Awww Mondays



    1. Yes, everybody loves Scooby and wants to take him home. Very important he does not get loose outside. I guess that goes for all the cats here. Lots of risks out in the real world. The catio really reduces their indoor tensions a lot. One of the best ideas I have had. Thanks for the visit here, Mary.

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      1. Midnight likes his little pup tent. I went to get him out and he walked to the back so he was out of reach unless I crawled in too. I think he likes all the smells outside and it’s nice and cool here during the day.


  1. Great shot of Rainier…we have almost the same view of Mt Baker from Vancouver.
    Mount Baker In Autumn
    This shot is from the walk in front of the apartment I used to live in. And I would let the sleeping cat lie…I got a ton of scratches from our visitors.
    Barb and Marv

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  2. Hi Greg, terrific photo of Mr. Rainier. It looks like a winter postcard, funny with all the heat. Scooby looks fabulous as always and so comfortable too. Have a good Monday! ~ Mia


    1. Not a winter postcard! Hottest day this coming up 95 forecast with no air conditioning. It gets smothering at dinnertime, but this may be the end of it. Wonder if I can get a T Shirt? Still cool now so I am off to do my exercising. Have a good one too, Mia!

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    1. No, it wasn’t. He looked at what I put down, and gave me a mournful look, “This is not what I ordered!” Had to go out in the pantry and find his favourite! Then he ate. Thanks for your visit and comments!


  3. Awww, so adorable. I’m guessing Scooby isn’t all that thrilled about breakfast this morning. I get that.

    Thanks for linking to Awww Mondays, Scooby and Greg. It’s most appreciated.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday and week. 🙂

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