Super girl and Super man (cats)!

Super girl and Super man (cats)!

super Marigold cat

Super Marigold


Super Scooby

Super Scooby “But I don’t wanna be Superman!”

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        1. Maybe the S is backwards by error and that is why it was only $1. Or maybe a copyright issue? On “Bizarro” world where everything is backwards from Earth, Bizarro Superman and Supergirl often have the backwards S logo emblazoned on their chests. You may need to know this for “Jeopardy”. PS I am still on track to have a real life someday! Thanks for your comments, Mia.

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  1. Aaah, such cute cats. Marigold and Scooby are such pretty cats. Marigold seems ok with the her “necklace” however, Scooby doesn’t look so pleased or, maybe he was meowing at you. At any rate these are adorable photos.


  2. Greg my love your post is pawsome. Sending hugs and Purrs to everyone and a big cuddle from me to you. Wish I was with you. Love


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