Reporting: Monday Morning Murder! UPDATED

Zeke Opie cats catio

On the lookout in the catio with Zeke (left) and sister Opie (right)

Reporting:  Monday Morning Murder is about the serial cat killer operating in the area.  This morning Harley, a 20 year old deaf cat was the 7th victim.  There is a $6000 reward for information leading to the capture of the individual.

DNA has been extracted from the claws of the dead cats in hopes of identifying the murderer.  He is operating in nearby Thurston County.  The news refused to describe the injuries to the cat this morning.  The cats are butchered I assume and “displayed” for people to find in a certain manner.  Police believe the person is dangerous and could graduate easily from the cat cruelty to humans!  The cats appear to have been family pets rather than strays, and identifiable as to their owners.

We are not that far away. Harley lived in a “cat house” up against the side of the owner’s house.  He would not walk up to a stranger.  My catio is up against the back of my house as well.  I am closing free access, and will open only if I am there to supervise.  The heat I was complaining about has returned so they don’t like going out there in the sun, but evening is different. I was ill last week and still am ill so my blog following is falling off.  Additionally Marigold spent two days in an emergency cat hospital, is home now, but her condition is not particulary improved in my opinion.  Vet tomorrow.  Wednesday I have a humourous photo spread about her made a few weeks ago, which I thought of pulling down, but I think I will post it.  That’s Wednesday.

Here is a good link to the cat murder story.  There is text about Harley and some videos.  The videos may not be viewable by people outside the USA, but that could be lucky for you!

Serial Cat Murders

So, maybe a few of you will think twice before letting Tabbie out to roam about the garden!  Oh, and Marigold needs some big Purrs!



22 August 2018: RIP “Peaches” in Olympia.  Peaches went missing from her front yard. Later she was found dead in her front yard.  She was owned by an older lady.  It was the Cat Killer’s 8th Victim.

24 August:  Two more family cats were killed bringing the count to 10.  They are becoming concentrated in the Olympia area.

25 August 11 victims and reward now $30,000

29 Aug 12 victims and reward $36,000!

5 September 13 victims and reward $41,000.

10 Sept reward now $53,000!



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  1. I couldn’t read it sorry when I hear things like this it keeps on going through my mind and really upsets me. The last thing I read was how some sick so called human killed a cat..chopped him up and posted the video to the owner….why? Why? Why? Sorry just to upsetting for me. Such bad,horrible people in this world.😿😿😿😿


  2. Greg, such a horrible and sad news story, heartbreaking in fact. Please give Marigold my best good wishes, I hope she’s doing better. Also please stay as cool as possible while in high alert status. ~ Mia


    1. Marigold off to the vet in a few hours; the heat is back on again; cat security is on Red Alert! On the plus side I feel better now! New post coming out at midnight. Thanks for your good wishes, Mia, appreciated!

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    1. Today, Tuesday the next day, I have heard they have some “persons of interest”. I think the noose may be closing! Yes, the families were not happy about what happened to their pets, to say the least! My catio is either under observation or lockdown until it’s over! It’s back in the 90’s again so cats won’t be too interested in going out there. thanks for your comments Mary. We look forward to them.

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  3. This is scary, and not just for cats. We had a similar series of cat killings where I lived in the Midwest. We had a good ‘guess’ of who was responsible for them, but the police didn’t take it seriously. It sounds like your local law enforcement have at least taken notice. People who hate cats often harbor feelings against people as well, particularly towards women and young children. Paws crossed!

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  4. OMC! This is just horrible. We hope they catch the murderer soon. And lots of purrs and good thoughts for Marigold.


          1. That’s terrible. It should be 5 years per cat per cat so that woud make it 35 years which would be most of their life.Money can’t make up for losing a cat or dog

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  5. The cat killer is one sick and evil bastard. So glad you are not taking chances. The killer likely lives in the neighborhood where the cats have been killed.

    St Francis’ blessings to Marigold. It is always a worry when our pets are ill and when there is not a favorable response to treatment.

    Be well soon, Greg. Sending you positive and healing vibes.

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    1. The deaths form a circle with no deaths in the center of the circle. I live in the center of the circle! I suspect he lives nearby and is striking out in different directions. That is why this story concerns me. Thanks for your well wishes Yvonne.

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  6. I could use a lot of expletives here about the worthless POS, but it wont help the situation, and this is not my blog… I hope “it” is caught and karma pays “it” dearly…

    on another note; I hope you’re feeling better Greg and St Francis’ blessings to Marigold; 100000000 purrcent recovery for you both ♥♥

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    1. I would have normally let this story go by. Looking at the map of where all the deaths were, It is strikingly obvious I live in the center of the circle. There have been no deaths in the center of this circle. I have seen enough crime shows to think he lives nearby and just strikes out in different directions, never killing at home. That is why I am concerned about the people in the Tacoma area and myself of course. I suspect a security camera is going to catch him one of these days. Thanks for your comment here.

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  7. I’m sorry to hear you and Marigold have been ill, Greg. Many purrs! And that’s horrible about the cat killer. I hope the person responsible is caught soon.

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