El Chupacabra or Sophisticat?

Is this  El Chupacabra?

cat eating

El Chupacabra!




Marigold sleeping

scooby cat marigold

Scooby watching over Sophisticat

scooby marigold

Scooby and Marigold

Marigold’s hair was matted beyond my abilities, so she was taken to a groomer where drastic measures had to be taken.  These photos are several weeks old.  Last week she spent several days in emergency animal hospital.  There are a host of  serious incurable old age health issues.  She is home with drugs and she is still being monitored.  I am considering her retirement from blogging.


  1. oh no,poor Marigold.She looks like she’s sulking over her new haircut. It gets harder for older cats to keep up with their grooming after a certain age.

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  2. Marigold looks pretty with her lion cut. I am sorry she is having health problems. I am praying for her and for Spike.

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  3. The shave sure does transform a long haired cat. Hope she feels better without the matted fur. My long haired cats always did. So sorry she is aging but there are things to help her out. B12 injections and a low protein diet if she has aging kidneys. Also sub cu fluids that you can learn to give at home which would save you money. Anyhow she is a sweetheart.

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  4. I used to have my boy Jelly Bean shaved just like that! He hated when they shaved him, but when it was done he was SO happy! I hope Marigold is getting better, she is so adorable. Sending purrs from me and Chelsea!

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  5. Haha, no not El Chupacabr, Sophisticat for sure! Is this the “Lion Cut”? I bet it feels great in this heat. I hope things go smoothly with the meds and she’s comfortable and stable. Please give beautiful Marigold my best. Dear Greg, I hope you and the rest of the crew have a wonderful afternoon and evening, stay cool! ~ Mia

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    1. The photos are about two weeks old and she is looking a bit better as the fur is growing out. She is more comfortable as she is cooler and matted fur gone. She is pretty normal today but tomorrow could be different. I thought the lion hair cut was pretty horrible myself! Heading for 95 today–kinda stuffy inside. Smoke in the air–you having a barbecue down there? The other cats are lying about in the shade and very quiet. Guess I’ll do the same.
      Thanks for your visit and comments, Mia.

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      1. A lot of brush fires here, I’m not sure which way the smoke is traveling, towards you possibly. 94 here today, tomorrow 96 predicted. I can’t remember a summer like this, maybe I say that every year. I’m laughing because it’s so stuffy in my house, no AC and I have it sort of dark to keep it cooler (haha right). I think Marigold looks as lovable as ever with her new (2 week old) cut, maybe even more so. Sending good vibes Marigold’s way for a normal day tomorrow. You’re welcome, Greg, always a pleasure to send you a comment. Enjoy the shade!

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      2. I don’t know if you’ll get two comments, WP is playing games with me. There are a lot of brush fires here right now, the smoke could be traveling your way. 94 here today and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 96. I think Marigold looks as lovable as ever with her new (2 week old) cut, maybe even more lovable. Do your best to stay cool and hydrated, enjoy the shade!


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