Me-ow (thank you) to everyone.

I previously reported on my love Christine’s cat Spike going to the vet, and here are the results of all your prayers and purrs!

via Me-ow (thank you) to everyone.

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  1. Thank you very much Greg for having your blog friends pray and wish my boy well. As you know I don’t know what I would do without Spike. Im upset about Marigold but will mention her in my prayers. Im so lucky to have your love and all the kind thoughts of your friends. x😻😻💜💜

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  2. Catching up on your posts. It’s good to see that all the kitties are doing better after their vet visits. Hopefully it is just allergies for Spike, and I hope Marigold is doing better (you didn’t sound convinced). Good idea to keep the kitties out of the catio until the sicko is found. Not be be too paranoid, but if your catio is visible to the public you may want to check it for things that don’t belong (tainted treats, sharp objects) before letting the cats out.

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    1. Spike means so much to Christine I worry for her sake when he is ill. I always check the catio before I open it up, to ensure it is physically secure as it is really old! It is not visible to the public but someone creeping around out back would not be seen even in the daytime! Marigold has, see if I can remember, bad liver, failing kidneys, interstitial cystitus, bad tail arthritis. These are the “incurables”. I am treating some “curables” as well. First off was matted hair which “got away” from me! As far ass the cat killer is concerned, reward now up to $15,000. I expect someone who knows him to squeal soon! Thanks for your concern and long comment. We appreciate it!


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