The Legend of Scooby

Scooby was a tabbie cat,

The toughest tabbie cat aroun’.

You know where your wimmin’s at

When Wild Bill Scooby comes to town!

I think I see him comin’, dang!

Not alone but with his gang!

Just when I thought that we were rid,

Calamity Opie–Zeke the Kid!

The sheriff knows what fate awaits him.

Three to one, the odds are grim.

The sheriff knows he must be brave,

Or lie a coward in his grave!

He walks into the muddy street,

Extended claws–tall on his feet.

To shade his eyes he moves his hat.

The sheriff’s a big ocicat!

Zeke on left and Opie right,

The Scooby gang’s a fearsome sight!

As they walk their spurs a jingle,

Making all the town-cats tingle!

Trouble comes in threes they say.

The truth in this, we’ll learn today.

Paws cautiously held by each flank,

The gang moves slowly towards the bank.

It’s all just for the takin’ now,

Says Scoob, 10 bags of nip, Meow!

Bags of treats and tuna too!

You guys know just what you must do!

What happened next is in dispute.

Poor Scooby never got the loot.

The muddy street ran red they say,

But Scooby’s gang got clean away!

All you cats take my advice.

Be satisfied with catching mice.

Go find yourself a feline wife,

If you want the purrfect life–

One that never lets you down.

Just don’t take your claws to town.

Don’t take your claws to town.

Scooby wanted poster with lantern

POSTSCRIPT: Legend has it that the Scooby Gang joined up with Butch and Sundance in Bolivia, and were never seen or heard from again. Their descendants are the peace-loving cats you know today, minding the catio at the Feline Cafe.


  1. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! Great Cowboy Story! And I gotta say, cowboy names are as great as wrestling names! I can see Calamity Opie wrestling T. J. Bitcoin now!

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