Marigold Outside Gallery

This post shows a gallery of Marigold outside.  She always enjoys being outside on her own.   These photos were from  two weeks ago.






  1. I love being outside too so I know how she feels! Freddie and Frankie can go outside on the top deck and front balcony but I don’t have a private yard. Freddie can get up on the roof too but that’s too much for polydactyl Frankie who doesn’t have those skills (he waddles like a penguin). Marigold has a wonderful tail!

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  2. First of all, thank you for your comforting words on my blog.

    It’s nice to see Marigold so happy. May she still enjoy many of such beautiful moments.

    Kind regards


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  3. Marigold is sporting her lion cut I see. I learned years ago that most of my long haired cats seemed to perk up somewhat after getting a summer buzz. Have no idea why, except that maybe it rids them of little mats that are very close to the skin and were pulling on their skin. Or maybe it just feels nice to shed the fur coat in the summer.

    It is good to know that you are right there as she is mossing about the backyard so that she does not suddenly get a wild haired idea and hide some place or worse. I know you are not taking any chances with any of your cats given the history of the neighborhood or even before those happenings. The pics are great by the way.

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    1. She had hair matting beyond my abilities, so she got her first grooming, believe it or not. She normally has the thickest hair of any cat I ever had. You are correct, she was much happier after it was done. I was right there with her in a place where there was no escape with an assistant. She is calm and not skittish so I knew I would not have to do any chasing! Photos of cats outside enjoying being cats ARE the best! Thanks for your visit and comments Yvonne.

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  4. Marigold your gorgeous. You sure enjoyed being outside. Keep well lovely girl. Hugs and kisses to all especially your extra special dad. x😻💜 x

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