Opie Loves Scooby

Opie loves Scooby–NOT.  I always know where Scooby is by Opie’s growling.  Scooby just wants to be friends.

Scooby Opie

Don’t come any closer! You lookin’ at me? You better not be lookin’ at me!

Marigold cat




  1. Goodness what a growl. Mad kitty. And, Scooby looks like he just wants to be friends.

    I have a rescue Hemingway that had to leave his original home because one cat in the house of seven cats was a problem. Instead of the couple dealing with the issue of why the cat was attacking the other cats, they just decided to start giving away the other cats…just tossing them out.

    My Oliver has a damaged ear & anxiety because of the other cat. Just pitiful.

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    1. Scooby does not have a mean bone in his body. Opie just is jealous as she was number one until he walked in. Just keep them 3 feet or more apart and all is ok. They are closer together physically than they used to be. And if there is no food and they are waiting for me, I have seen her touch noses with him peacefully. Thanks for your comment.

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