Sophisticat or Chupacabra

Is Miss Opie a Sophisticat or Chupacabra? You decide. We went down this road with Marigold a while back. Opie doesn’t like the brush, so she got matted, and finally I had to take drastic action by taking her to the groomer. She was pleased it was not the veterinarian, I think. Her tail looks like a cat toy, and the two boys Scooby and Zeke are attracted to it when she waves her tail around. I had a pill for “relaxation” for her so she would be manageable.

pet groomer

Pet Groomer. Cats enter left-dogs enter right.

Opie cat eating

Sophisticat or Chupacabra?

Opie cat

Miss Opie


Opie a little blurry-must be the tranquilizer!

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  1. You are awful cute with a hair cut like that!
    But I must say…If Ninja got that cut, then my comment on Wednesday to him being a dog would have been even more appropriate!

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  2. That is a unique cut. I like that she kept long furs on her neck and legs. I bet it feels strange for her to have short hair on her body and most of her tail. She’s avant garde with this cut, so she’s a sophisticat, not a Chupacabra

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  3. Whoa it looks like she’s wearing little furry slippers! Adorable! I wish we’d given my late boy Jelly Bean a relaxing pill before his hair cut as he was very upset during the process. However, afterwards he could not have been happier having the matted fur gone! Oh and I vote for Sophisticat. 🙂

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  4. I’d expect a Chupacabra to be a lot scarier! Opie is too cute for that!

    (Though I admit I LOL’d at her tail. I suppose there’s not a lot you can do once you’ve shaved all the hair off of a tail, unless you want it to look rat-like. But the pompom looks like a natural cat toy.)

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      1. Yes I had a Sheltie like that, and whenever I would take him to the groomers to get clipped he would always be so happy when we got home. The funny thing though, was that the cats I had at the time seemed very confused when they saw him!

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  5. I think in the last photo Opie is saying Dad where is all my fur!. She does look cute. I see what you mean about her tail definitely an attraction for Scooby and Zeke. Hope Scooby has been good. Love to all. xxx

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