Potpourri in a photo sense (Updated)

“Potpourri in a photo sense” is just a collection of a few unrelated sense-less photos.  I been losing the plot lately due to “things”!  It’s this or nothing, so here goes:

Scooby carrier

Scooby riding to vet

Scooby vet

14 pound Scooby at the vet. Needs teeth cleaned.


Note the “Painted” fall leaves on the ground. A scary Halloween decoration?  Not my house.

Marigold Nemo Spongebob

Marigold, Nemo, and Spongebob.


Afternoon Mt. Rainier.  Sorry, no Mountain News today! New post Saturday.

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  1. I like the variety of photos. All are interesting and each one is unique and tells a story. I am very familiar with the “trip to the vet” photo. I think we who own pets that can afford to take our animals to the vet are lucky and so are our pets even if they do not realize it.

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