Mr. Popularity

I am “Mr. Popularity” after dishing out the special food this last holiday weekend.

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  1. Awww, I think they’ve been watching “Oliver!” That scene when they are all singing, “Food, Glorious, Food,” and then Oliver walks up to ask “Please, sir, may I have some more?” They look so hopefully to you.

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    1. Only Zeke is not a cast member of “Oliver Twist” Opie, not shown, has the leading role climbing all over me when food is required. I used to feed on a schedule but somewhere that practice went out the window. Thanks for your comments Mary.

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      1. lol, sounds like Opie should be Oliver. Wasn’t there a scene where they were trying to teach him to be a thief and climb up a building? Opie would be perfect!

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  2. No wonder 😉

    Really cute, and I am missing these moments with Gismo on my legs. Yesterday it was hard again…making the christmas decoration and no Gismo jumping into the boxes.

    Greetings over to your place


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  3. My Chelsea never liked “people food” but my late boy Jelly Bean was another story! I have funny memories of my Mom having to give him tuna before the Thanksgiving Turkey was even ready, because he smelled it cooking and would NOT stop meowing until he got something special in his bowl! (later we’d give him some turkey when it was ready!) I hope you & the cats had a fun holiday!

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