Christmas Past

Christmas Past shows a photo of Opie being a good girl resting beneath the artificial Christmas tree. Things had to change when Scooby arrived in the family.  Christmas trees had to be removed unfortunately.  We have other lighted decorations however which make us happy at night when they are illuminated plus an attractive gas fireplace.

Opie cat Christmas tree
Our Opie under the artificial Christmas tree (2014)

Our Nutcracker Suite music box is the most expensive cat toy ever! (No cats shown)

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    1. Scooby is the culprit all right, ruining Christmas for the rest of us as far as Christmas trees go. Don’t have a room where I could exclude him unfortunately. Thanks for your visit and comment Nova.


  1. She certainly looks peaceful under there. Like another pretty decoration. (Every year Kommando tries tasting the tree, and every year she discovers that she doesn’t like it.)

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  2. Christmas trees have to be hard for most kitties to ignore. Too much color and all those toys hanging of it. Not to mention, kitties are great jumpers and climbers.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your dad. 🙂

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  3. Merry Christmas to you and the cats! We had to get rid of our tree too when our big lug of a tuxedo decided Christmas trees and their ornaments make the best cat toys. I now have a little tabletop tree with lights, and that is enough Christmas tree for me and Sunny.

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  4. Such a beautiful Christmas tree and Opie seems quite content sitting under it. Yes I could imagine Scooby having fun in the tree. Happy Christmas. I love😻💜🐾🎄

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