Marigold’s Last Gallery

Marigold’s Last Gallery is a collection of old and some unpublished new photos of Marigold. As I write this, she is dying of kidney cancer, and has little time left. This is the last appearance of the Steamboat Queen. I wanted to post these while she is still alive. I probably will not be answering any comments . She is over 15 years old and I got her at a shelter holding an adoptathon. Your mum who helped me get you, and passed away years back, will be waiting for you with your old pals Verty, Peep, and Gracie. You can all play together and be a family again. In the meantime, I will be here with you so you are not alone.

Marigold was a steamboat queen,
The purrtiest cat that you’ve ever seen!
With long creamy hair
And those big green eyes,
We’re all in love.
I can tell no lies!
She has a picture in bed,
Hangin’ over the bar.
The sultriest cat in the bay by far.
She runs the gambling tables,
The dice and the wheel,
And it’s not just by chance
That you got a bad deal!
It’s snake eyes you’ll get,
DON’T you know?
Whether Anchorage, Alaska,
or cold Juneau.
Seattle, Tacoma,
Vancouver too,
She’ll win your money–
Nothing you can do.
Cats, stay away
From her games of sin,
And the green-eyed temptress
Who will lure you in,
With plates of fresh tuna–
Everything is free!
Won’t you sit a while and
Play a little game with me?



  1. Oh uncle Greg, we are so very sorry. Marigold is sooooooo bootyful and we will miss seing her when she has to go. We so hate those nasty diseases that rob us of our luvs. You have filled her life with luv and goodness and she couldn’t have wanted fur more. We’re sendin’ big hugs and lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya;’

    Dezi, Raena and mommy A

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  2. I know you will not reply, and that’s just fine by me OK.

    Marigold is magnificent and she has a huge big place in your heart. What a beauty. What a loss for you all.

    Fly free gorgeous girl. You will never be forgotten.


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  3. Oh Chris my heart is just breaking for you. Gorgeous Marigold. I am so deeply, deeply sorry. I wish I had the words to help give you comfort. I am so sorry. I loved seeing Marigold on your blog and she will be deeply missed. xoxoxo

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  4. Godspeed your journey to heaven Marigold; a gorgeous girl you are and always will be. thanx to your dad for sharing your photos; we send our sincerest sympathies to him and your family. we know how difficult this time is for him. with hugs and our loves; dai$y, tuna, mackerull, dude, sauce and boomer ~~~~♥♥♥♥♥ we are truly sorry ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  5. Greg I am beyond sorry. I need not tell you Marigold couldn’t have wished for, or gotten, a better family, or had a more loving and caring dad. Guarantee if Marigold spoke human, she’d said “thanks dad, for everything; I love you and always will” Marigold is a beautiful girl; it shows here in her photos. I truly believe; regardless of religious choice; that St Francis stays by the side of our pets, until they reach heaven’s gate; so they have no pain, suffering, aren’t afraid, or feel alone ~~ He will be by Marigold’s side. Your friends will stand by yours ~ ♥♥♥ Laura and da tabbies

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  6. I’m so very sorry. She sure is a beautiful girl. Enjoy the time you have left together. Fly free, Marigold. Say hello to our Tucker after you cross the Bridge.

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  7. Such a lovely tribute to Marigold who has had so much love in her life! So sorry to hear of her cancer. Too many friends of ours have fallen victim to this deadly disease. Marigold, you beauty, we send nosekisses and comforting purrs. – Tom, Bridget and Mom Julie

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  8. Hugs and best wishes for a comfortable passing for this sweet kitty. It’s never easy to know the end is near, but (as someone who has had two near death experiences) I know the body tells you when it is time, and you quietly fade into oblivion. You welcome it and the relief from pain. i hope it is easy for Marigold.

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  9. Och neeee….oh man, es läuft mir kalt den Rücken runter und ich habe auch Tränen in den Augen. Das tut mir sowas von leid. Wie gut kann ich deinen Schmerz nachvollziehen, zu frisch ist es immer noch mit meinem Gismo.

    Mach es gut liebe Marigold, geh den Weg über die Brücke und wenn es dann soweit ist dann wirst du uns alle wiedersehen. RIP♥

    Dir Greg wünsche ich alle Kraft der Welt und drücke dich virtuell.

    Liebste Grüsse


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  10. Had expected this sad news since the last time you posted something about her being sick. Sad as it is, it is still better we survive them than the other way around. So please accept a commiserativ hug.

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  11. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your beautiful girl. I am so sorry that it is time for her to leave you. No matter how long a beloved kitty lives, it is never long enough. XO

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  12. About six weeks since I lost my best girl Chelsea and sat with her on her very last days. She will be waiting at the Bridge to greet beautiful Marigold when the time comes. Cats are so special each gives us such love and companionship. We’ll never forget them!

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  13. So hard to let them go, but they will no longer be in pain. I know you’ll be right there with her. May God ease her remaining time.

    Have a blessed day, Greg. Purrs to Marigold. ♥

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