More “Snomageddon” starring Scooby the Snowcat!

More “Snomageddon starring Scooby the Snowcat!” continues the big snow story. I live on a PRIVATE road at the end of a cul-de-sac. That means the County is not responsible for my road and will not plough it. Sunday morning all the residents of the street–men and women–grabbed shovels and cleared the street. Took hours. It was just like the old time days when everyone helped each other. Think that America is gone? It isn’t!

A new snow storm is coming and we know if we let new snow pile on top of what we have now, we wouldn’t drive out of here until Spring. Now, Scooby knew when we were done that an inspection was due to insure the snow was moved properly, so he went out when all was finished to check things out. The following photos show what he found.

Scooby snow
Scooby–deeper than yesterday!
Scooby snow
Heading for the road
Scooby snow street
In the street
Scooby snow
Measuring the snow with my tail!
scooby snow
Reached the wide open spaces!
Worst Litter box EVER!
Worst litter box EVER!
scooby in snow
Looks pretty high!
Scooby on snow
Time to get off this frozen ice and go inside!
Scooby on path
Going back to the house. Time to warm up and have a nap!
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    1. He is ok as long as it is not falling from the sky. He went out today Monday for about one minute while it was snowing, and went back to the front door. He was done. thanks for your comment Caren


    1. The last big snow was in 2008 and it was half as bad as this, so no one really needs snow equipment, plows or such. Scooby is pretty adventurous exploring outside. He could never be out free as he would disappear down the road! Thanks for your comments Raven


    1. Another eight inches last night so shovelling again but on my own as no one here. Just took care of my property. Took Scooby out, but it was snowing, and he doesn’t like snow falling on him, so he went right back inside after a minute. After I finished shovelling, the snow started up again! Oh well. Thanks for the comments Tabbies!


  1. There are still good folks in America. Good job.

    Oh you look like you’re having a great time exploring in the snow. It’s good that you got out and about.

    Have a purrfect day and week. My best to your dad. 🙂

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