Scooby and his Banana / Name Change

Scooby has a catnip banana!

Scooby catnip banana
Scooby enjoying his catnip Banana!

Note from the Editor in Chief: Wednesday March 20th, 2019, by popular demand, there will be a new ‘tail’ of the old West starring Scooby, Calamity Opie, and Zeke the Kid. Due to copyright issues, the “Scooby Gang” will now be referred to as “Scooby’s Outlaws”. If you have another name suggestion, add it below.

imagechef Scooby wanted poster
New Story Wednesday March 20 2019


  1. scooby’s rebels? scooby’s desperados? scooby’s hooligans? scooby’s pack? scooby’s crew? hmmmm …. actually i think scooby’s outlaws sounds great

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  2. OMC We thought the last post you posted was the calnedar. We didn’t know it was pinned to the top and we needed to keep scrollin’. MOL Sometimes, mommy’s not real smart. We can’t wait fur the next adventure. How ’bout Scooby’s Clowder? Or Scooby’s Pride? Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  3. Nice update on the name, Greg! I ran into those issues with music on videos – specifically music playing in the background when I made videos. OK! I re-posted the videos with new copyright-free music and life was all better! Anyway, we will continue to enjoy Scooby under the new name!

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      1. Once I used the copyright free music, a big part of the fun doing videos was matching the music to the action. After a Microsoft update, my favorite video editing program disappeared, and I’ve never found a simple (and free!) program I like better, so my video making days ended.

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          1. A fact! I got tired of persaonalizations I made during one iteration got submerged by Microsoft’s new “improvements”, and I’d spend lots of time tring to bring my preferences back up. Other than making sure I don’t get stuck with Bing…again!.. I gave up personalizing my compuyters.


              1. I defi9nitely need something that is simple. Though I used a computer a good part of my work life, till I retired, i had access to a niumber of super IT people. I learned a lot after I retired and had to work through my IT issues by myself, but I’m no expert.

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