Scooby’s Outlaws in “The Great Train Robbery”

The Great Train Robbery

Built in Buffalo in ’98
A steam loco made fur pullin’ freight,
Passengers, mail–I will not quibble–
Car loads full of golden kibble!
The word leaked out that fateful day
Scooby’s Outlaws arrived to play
At the gamblin’ wheel, I’d say.
Calamity Opie grabbed the nail
And spun that wheel ’round with her tail!
She had a tight ferocious grip,
And used her tail just like a whip.
30 Red–she’d not be beaten!
Some folks thinkin’ she be cheatin’.
“Best be moving on now girl.
Don’t give that wheel another twirl.”
Zeke the Kid glared at the crowd
While Opie started growlin’ loud!
Zeke’s long claws began a flexin’
Like an old gunfightin’ Texan.
They all moved slowly to the door
Until they’d gone and seen no more.
Men loaded great big kibble sacks
Into the freight car on the tracks.
The Scooby Gang on silent paws
Climbed up the car’s sides with their claws.
Resting finally on the roof,
They groomed their fur–remained aloof.
Twenty mile they held on tight,
‘Specially when the train turned right!
Scoob decided time for action
When the engine lost it’s traction,
Brakin’ for a paid-off Moose!
“It’s time to cut the caboose loose!”
Brewing coffee warm inside
Was old conductor One-Eyed Clyde.
“Sorry, Clyde! Have a nice ride!”
Opie grinned coquettishly
When the coupler pin pulled free.
“In another mile or so,
We’ll cut the freight car loose and go,
Packing out these bulging sacks
Of golden kibble on our backs.”
The loot was never seen again,
And that is all I know, my friends.

Scooby cat wanted poster
Scooby neckerchief

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    1. Scooby needs to cut back on food a bit as he is now 14 lbs. I don’t want a 20 lb. Cat! Scooby had diabetes few years back and is still in remission. The retail cost of insulin and daily injections I don’t want to start again! Thanks for all your comments Mary. Have a fun week!

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  1. I got all giggly over this post! I like a good poem story anyhoo..Hope you outlaws never get caught and will fill us in on another adventure! – Tom x

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    1. Sorry your comment slipped past me Crystal! They take lots of risks but I doubt they will be captured, as they are too clever. Thanks again for your comments and your old guest
      Post on fleas still is pulling in visits! Congratulations on writing your book. You came a long way! Have a great week!


  2. I just read this and it sure cheered me up. You’re such an amazing poet,amazing person. Love to all. Watch your back Scooby s outlaws. x😸💜🐾

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