Rainy Washington Day

Today we are back having a Rainy Washington Day. Storms rolling in from the Pacific drenching us unceasingly, in other words, just the usual. Zeke was out in the catio and got soaked, so now he is by the west window sulking! No one can go out, not even Greg to do his morning walk. Sorry, Zeke, no end in sight! We might have come back from Voodoo Island too soon!

Zeke Rainy Day
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  1. Son in Olympia was complaining over the weekend that it was warm and too dry for spring in the Puget Sound area. So I guess the universe heard him and decided to send some rain. Here in northern CA we got not only torrential rain, almost two inches overnight, but thunderstorms this morning! The kindergartners I was working with today didn’t flinch when they heard it: thunder is so rare in our area, I don’t think they knew what it was.


  2. We have had a week of sunny but chilly weather. Showers are forecast from tomorrow so I hope that wasn’t our summer.


  3. Well, Zeke got a wet outing this morning. I don’t know, but the view from the west window looks pretty nice, and it’s a perfect nap spot too. Wishing you all a break from the rain!

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  4. Yes, like Sandee said, RAIN all week in CA. Northern CA the high is 55. Brr… Was supposed to go to a Japanese Arts fest this weekend, but that’s not gonna happen. Worst thing is the Rose Parade is Saturday! Zeke looks mighty cozy though! 🙂

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  5. We’re getting that rain too down here in California. It’s going to rain off and on through Sunday. Sigh.

    Have a fabulous day, Greg. Scritches to the kitties. 🙂

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