Three Outside in the Sun

Three Outside in the Sun shows my three cats getting some fresh air. Opie stars as she gets to run outside without a harness on. She was very good outside and did not go running off. She was mostly interested in eating grass and having a look around. Scooby stayed in the catio as he and Opie don’t get along, and he would be a distraction and incite bad behaviour in Opie. Zeke has always been afraid to go outside, except when he is safe in the catio. At any rate, all three got some fresh air and sunshine.

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  1. After a long winter, window whiffies and an outside stroll is purrfect for me. I have to put the housekeeper on a leash before we head out, tho, teehee – Tom x

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  2. So good to have the choice to go out or stay in….and the sun is also shining into the catio. So, the best places ever 😉

    Thanks for sharing these moments.

    Greetings to you all


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