Wake Up Scooby!

Wake Up Scooby! I know it’s early, but you cannot be sleeping all the time when there are important tasks to complete before Catmas! There are decorations in the wrong place that need to be moved. Ornaments have to be adjusted. Lights have to be checked. Things need wrapping up in paper. It is no time to be falling down on the job just because it is cold! Wake up Scooby!

Wake UP Scooby
Wake Up Scooby!
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  1. Scooby your little helper won’t let you down once he’s had his cat nap he will be bright as a button and ready to play…..oops I meant help. x😻💜🐾😸🎄

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    1. You know how Scooby likes to “play”! He is a fairly good boy recently. Maybe he got the CatMas spirit. I am sure he will have a nice holiday. I saw Spike has a big sock 🐈 Hope you are keeping well today. Love you xxx💘💓💕


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