Christmas Means. . . . (Traditional)

Christmas Means is one of my favorite posts of all time. Here you will see Marigold, who passed in January, again, along with a new photo or two I have added. It’s good for a second look if you have seen it before, and if this is your first time here, welcome and enjoy! My Christmas post will appear soon as the last post of 2019.



zeke laundry basket no meta
I am a bad boy, again!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  exploring the new Christmas tree!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  remembering the cats of Christmas past. . . .
cat cemetery 2013
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting together new cat furniture.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  eating good food
Zeke dinner table


 2013-11-16_Zeke in box nmd
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  playing in the snow!
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sitting in the dark with Christmas lights for illumination.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  arranging the tree branches.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  looking for burned out light bulbs.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  adjusting the ornaments.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sleeping underneath the tree.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting the Christmas tree up more than once!
Christmas tree and train

Putting up the Christmas tree and train set



Marigold wearing Santa hat

Wearing Santa hats

Zeke in snow

Playing in the snow if we are lucky

Zeke and Marigold

Playing with toys

Zeke and Verty cat

Remembering old friends (Verty RIP)

3 cats christmas

Visits by the ghosts of Christmas past! Left to Right Angels Gracie, Data, Peep.


Making our Christmas blog


Zeke and Marigold playing with feather

Playing with danglers

Opie playing in box

Playing in boxes

Zeke on Christmas card

Sending Christmas Cards

Zeke and Opie under tree

Meeting under the Christmas tree


Christmas cat sock

Hanging up your Christmas Cat Sock

Opie the reindeer
Putting on your antlers (Opie)
Scooby the rreindeer
Scooby snow
Going on a wintry walk (Scooby)
Scooby toys fireplace

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  warming by the fireplace

Christmas Means:  WEARING SANTA HATS

Remembering loved ones far away. . . .

Christine and Spike Christmas 2019
Christine and Spike

See more Christine and Spike

Scooby Zeke Christmas Paper

We hope you enjoyed our annual CHRISTMAS MEANS post with some additional photos added this year.  We are sad that Marigold is not with us this year to enjoy the holiday, but her memory is with us and she is in our heart. Christmas also means LOVE.

Marigold in Christmas wrapping paper
Remembering Angel Marigold (2003 – 2019)
greg clipart signaure
signature greg


  1. Oh, I still miss Marigold. She was such a lovely lady. I loved seeing all the xmas photos. Opie looked awesome in his antlers and I remember seeing Scooby walking in the snow. That was a fun post. A belated Merry Xmas to you and all the cats, past and present.

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    1. Thank you very much Catladymac! It is important to take lots of photographs and save them carefully because, you need to preserve your memories. Mine are both happy and teary but they are all records of good times. 😺


  2. This is such a lovely post of memories made from Christmases past. Some sad memories that our loved ones are no longer here to celebrate with us, but each one leaves their own special memories.

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    1. Thank you, Correne! 😺 Doesn’t look like any chance of snow here in the lowlands this month but the mountains are an entirely different story! The cats get cold feet fast which makes them want to be inside after being let out generally into the catio. Scooby is leash trained and can go walk about. If I don’t get another chance, but I think I will, Merry Christmas to you Correne and yours.

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    1. Thanks for the holiday greetings and wishes today, Christine, but I’m not quite done yet this year! 😺 Yes, it is sad about Marigold especially but she just made it through Christmas last year which is good. I get teary eyed looking at the old photos, and as time passes, others will leave this world, leaving an empty place in my heart. Hopefully we can all get through 2020! That includes me! I like to think that my late wife is taking care of them for me now. Scooby is the only cat she never knew. I also hope and pray Christine’s cat Spike stays well, as she thinks the world of him, as I think the world of them both. Anyway, thanks for your visit and welcome comment today! 😺

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      1. You are very welcome. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Holidays seem to bring up very deep feelings, many sad for those not with us. They are always in our hearts. I’m hoping 2020 will be a good year for you. 📚🎶 Christine

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    1. Thank you, Dee! Merry Christmas to you if I don’t get to say it again. I liked your toys of the 50’s recently. Very accurate but we never had a pedal car–bit pricey, and you grow out of it pretty fast. I do have an old photo of me in an “airplane” pedal car belonging to a neighbor!!! 😺


    1. I look forward to Christmas all year long and especially hate to let go of it until after the New Year. I like the celebration of the three kings in some countries where presents are exchanged on January 6th, but I don’t do it. Most of the presents I get I eat, wear, or put in a dvd player! A lot of them I buy for myself–sad I know. There are happy memories in the photographs though some make me want to cry as well, as many loved people and pets are now gone forever.
      With that thought, Merry Christmas back at you Hangaku! 😺


    1. The best Christmas gift I ever received was not a BB gun but a Lionel electric train set Christmas 1953. I had to write a letter to Santa to get it. Lucky I gave the letter to my father to post!!! I still have it all except for the original track which disintegrated over time! Over the years I added to it now and then. What is shown is a mixture of the old and new. Note the metal trucks in town. The engine is a high tech “Rail King” diesel obtained in this century some time. The original Lionel baby Hudson locomotive has a NEW motor and converted to liquid smoke instead of the old tablets, and runs well. I think I have seen model train things in the background of some of your photographs in the past. And I appreciate your comment today very much. 😺


  3. Greg I have just looked at your Christmas post I really really enjoyed looking at all the photos. I did have tears in my eyes all the memories of Christmas past. Wish I was there watching the train go round the track. Love to all stay healthy and be happy. xxx😻😿💜🐾🎄

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    1. Yes, Christine, it does bring tears to the eyes seeing my old cat family enjoying Christmas, and now they are all gone sleeping in the cat cemetery. I know you remember big Peep and Gracie from years back. I still find it hard to believe looking at Marigold’s photos, that she is not here. Makes me want to cry sometimes. Wish you were here as well, and I would let you run the trains day and night. They are fun at night with their lights on. I send my love to you, Spike, and your boys here today as well. I hope you bought some sweet treats for your Christmas dinner dessert. And like the song says they keep playing over and over again, “All I Want for Christmas is You”! xxx😍😻💑❤️️💕


    1. Mice have not gotten into the house, though I do have a catio with an entrance that stays open a lot. My cats not hunters. I think a pillowcase would be more likely used for a bed here. Thanks for your comment “Feral cats videos”. I couldn’t find your name. 😺


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