First Photo of 2020

This is the first photo of 2020 taken with my old Kodak Easyshare camera. This should have been the first monthly post but I seem to keep pushing it back further and further! As the Christmas wrapping got shredded, I removed the small pieces, leaving only the larger ones to play in. I think Zeke is disappointed there is no longer room for two!

Zeke Scooby Christmas paper
Scooby and Zeke watch with glowing eyes the wrapping paper diminishing in this first photo of 2020

Since we have the first photo of the year, I decided to throw in the last photo of 2019! This happens to be Zeke in the Catio.

Zeke in the catio
Zeke in the catio in his usual spot watching the woods
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  1. Scooby and Zeke both are simply adorable! I love the look on Scooby’s face like you just ruined his party! 😀 They have such great and unique personalities, don’t they?

    I bet if Zeke could speak in ways we simple humans could understand – he’d have all kinds of stories to tell from those woods 🙂

    Sending all my very best love & purrs to you, Christine and all of the four legged kids! ❤

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    1. Thank You! You are correct Zeke k does all the birds and animals out back–better than me. Zeke and Scooby are much different in personality. 😸😸😸 Thanks for your kind comments! 🐈🐈🐈


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