What day is it? EVERYDAY!

What day is it? EVERYDAY! X’ing off the days on the calendar has never been more important! I wonder if the cats know the difference? I think they notice the changes in the weather. First we had unseasonable hot weather to suffer through, and then we had wildfire smoke to breathe, and now today the typical Pacific Northwest constant rain falling down cleaning everything. The cats still lie about and try to find something to do but mostly it is sleep.

Opie and toys
Opie and some toys
Scooby catching a few rays
Zeke zonked out!
Scooby in his bug out bag
Watching TV
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  1. Oh, I wish WE had the rain to wash things. We are getting bad air quality again. And it is hot so we can’t open our windows much. We have to for a bit, but would rather not when the AQ is so bad, but it is better than actually having to evacuate. I am glad you are getting refreshing rain. And I think cats are aware of cycles. They might not really realize that days are different (I don’t know), but I would imagine they have a sense of mom and dad gone for days (home in evenings) and then home for days, then gone, then home . . . but I don’t know. They seem to know EXACTLY when ti is 6:30 (dinnertime) so I believe they have some sense of days/cycles.

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      1. Today is better . . . but it will go back to bad. The state has got to STOP BURNING for it to be good! Well, my cat tells me it is 6:30. I stop what I am doing to feed them and then they walk away. It is as if they just want to make sure I FEED them at 6:30, they don’t necessarily want to EAT at 6:30. They have to keep me trained properly . . . I think. 🙂

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        1. My cats don’t walk away from dinner but they give me sorrowful looks if they expected a different entre. Sometimes everyone gets something different. They put that guilt on me I am being cruel. So I accommodate .

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  2. Nice array of toys. I threw out all the store bought toys as they stopped playing with them. Now they prefer rubber bands, wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, bottle caps, pens… the list is endless! Can you send some of that rain down here please… we will pay top prices!

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    1. Like children the cats outgrow their toys. I save the ones toys in good condition in case I get a new cat. Not planning to get a new cat but things happen! This morning is clear blue sky and wet everywhere after torrential rain yesterday and thunderstorms. My favorite weather. 📫🚿


  3. I had one of those page-a-day calendars where I would tear off each date as a new morning dawned. A hundred days into the pandemic however, I began thinking, ‘Why bother?’ Of course I had doctor appointments and Sunny had vet appointments, plus the occasional family birthday. But those got written down in an agenda (old habit from when I worked); for the rest of the week, I only needed to know if it was Sunday, for Masterpiece Mystery on public television, and Tuesday, when recycling and garbage got collected. Anyway, the page-a-day calendar is still at July 14.

    Snoozing is the best way to spend a rainy day!

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  4. I was JUST singing that song, by Buddy Holly, “Everyday”! I agree though, I’m trying to get through everyday and can’t wait til this year is over! Especially Sept and Oct because of fire season, (although Nov & Dec have been known to have fires in CA too. UGH.) Great pictures. Scooby always looks so happy no matter what! 🙂

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