Merry Christmas II

Is this not a Merry Christmas II? Early in the year everyone was panicked they were going to get the virus and cleaning everything, wondering if they would make it to Christmas! Now vaccines are being distributed already in the USA and hope is alive! We spent most of the time at home in isolation as much as possible. The measure of a good year for us was always getting through the year without a cat fatality. It isn’t birthdays but how many Christmas’s you had that matters. Many cats this year have crossed the bridge sadly–some I have followed for a long time. I will miss them all. Looks like my three have made it through another year again which is a blessing. Opie and Zeke have been with this blog from the very beginning of it. 2020 is almost gone into the history books. Rejoice! Below Opie is having a “bad Santa hat” day!

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  1. Opie managed to wear the hat well. Birthdays, Gotcha’s, Christmases… all important milestones. We also appreciate every year of good health. As our vet said to us one visit “they’re healthy, until they’re not”. We with all of you a very Merry Christmas, and hope the vaccine brings us a into 2021 with more hope and opportunities for interacting with other humans in a more normal manner.

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  2. the photo is darling! A year ago I never would have imagined that neither of my boys would be here right now……… all happened so fast, cherish every moment!

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  3. Yes we have almost got to the end of this terrible year, and I hope next year will see things improving for us all.
    Merry Christmas to you and your fur family.

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  4. Opie is a cutie. I am thankful for the 8 kitties i still have and I am still mourning the 4 lost this year and 3 last year. I sure hope 2021 is better for all.

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  5. I hadn’t thought of that before, that Christmases and years should be celebrated as milestones for our cats as well. Our first cat, Katsu, didn’t make it to his 10th year owing to early kidney failure, while my ornery feral cat Eliza lived grand, spiteful 18 years. (She really didn’t like people; my younger daughter and I were the only humans who could pick her up and carry her.) Sunny, whose age is undetermined—the vet thinks she’s eight years old, based on her teeth—benefits from 40+ years of cat caring experience: so we are looking forward to many more Christmases together.

    But phew, yes, what a year! I got an email from my doctor, saying I’ll probably be called in late January or early February for my COVID shot. Hope you get yours soon too, so the cats can go out with their dad again! Merry Christmas 2!

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    1. Soon I will have to try and get them all through to the next Christmas 2021. The older they get, the more susceptible to diseases of a deadly nature. It is still not clear who will outlive who, I or they.. Thanks for your comments


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