Scooby Booster

Scooby Booster. Scooby says this blog needs a booster shot to keep it going this week, so he volunteered this photo of himself out in the catio doing what he does mostly. Doesn’t he have a lovely “bullseye” mid-torso? A classic tabby pattern. Thanks bro! I need a boost every once in a while. Don’t we all?

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  1. The sunshine will give you a much needed boost after a cold winter. Kitten Tilly’s torso is getting quite large – we’ll have to try to get a picture that shows off her ample belly.

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  2. Wonderful! Scooby has a purrfectly beautiful tabby pattern! So adorable. Glad you’ve got some sun and warmth! We seem to be in a prolonged yucky rainy phase again. Kitties want to be out on the balcony catio so bad, they even meow to be let out when it rains! Purrs from the kitties to you all! Ralph and I wish you and the kitties a lovely rest of the day!

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